Seng Hiap Glass ensures that all of our facilities adhere to strict quality control procedures whilst maintaining efficient manufacturing practices in order to increase yield.


Windows, is the soul of the living space, a direct way to present a more distinctive appearance of the house. Although it is not the only way to contact the outside world, but it is the only way to review the outside world from the internal space. Windows is like an art frame, well equipped worthy of the picturesque views. Seng Hiap Glass Sdn Bhd established in 1977, only a regular shop front situated in a small town (Kampung Abdullah, Segamat, Johor). In June 1982, Seng Hiap Glass was converted to a private limited company. Our headquarters is currently located in Southern Malaysia, Johor Bahru. With a manufacturing plant of 6.5 Acre land mass and factories comprise over 80 administrative staffs, 280 manufacturing staffs and 150 on site assembly staffs. Our factories are well equipped with advance technology machines from various countries to enhance production and fabrication qualities.
We’ve been involved in the glass division industries in Malaysia for four decades undertaking high rise and low rise commercial buildings, residential buildings, universities, educational facilities, factories and hotels. At Seng Hiap Glass Sdn Bhd, we believe our client always deserves our product’s excellent qualities and our efficiency. Seng Hiap Glass Sdn Bhd established a brand new secondary workshop in Johor Bahru - Plentong (2015) to further improve production capacity and efficiency to meet the demands of our clients. In recent years, Seng Hiap Glass focus on strengthening the company’s efficiency, quality, versatility as well as functionality. Throughout the years undertaken numerous project ranging from residential, factory, hotel, university and commercial infrastructure. We will continue moving forward to meet the requirements of the delegators in the future and ensures to provide the highest quality production.


We strive to be the leading design,window building and facade specialist in Malaysia.


Best commitment in value creation to our internal and external customers with good quality products.


CEO of Seng Hiap Glass Sdn Bhd

Mr. Yeo Tun Hong was appointed the director of Seng Hiap Glass Sdn Bhd on 02-08-2010. He is a businessman by profession and vast experience in glass and aluminium fabricating industry. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Inti International University & College in Kuala Lumpur.


Founder & Chairman of Seng Hiap Glass Sdn Bhd


Executive Director of Seng Hiap Glass Sdn Bhd


Seng Hiap Glass provides delegators with a variety of sustainable products. Our aim is to work with clients, embrace their concept, provide quality products and reliable infrastructures.
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